Monday, September 28, 2009

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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Online Study Resources

There are several websites popping up on the internet that will allow you to share notes, PowerPoint slides, and exams with other students across the country. Although you may find many other students from your school that are also members, always review your school's honor code to see if this type of study resource would be considered cheating. Typically sharing lecture notes is perfectly fine... it's when you start uploading materials that don't belong to you that you'll find yourself in trouble. For example, your professor and school likely have the rights to the PowerPoint slides and electronic copies of notes submitted on course websites. Solutions to projects and homework is going to certainly be a violation unless it's from a previous semester in which the professor released access to the keys anyway. For example, if your professor has already stated that you can use the keys from previous semesters, then you are fine. However, in many courses, it's assumed that you understand that you may not use materials from other semesters without talking to your professor first.

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